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My day in photos.. Relaxed Monday

Hello everyone!
So I’ve had a rare 2 days off work (woo!) so I thought I would do a my day in photos post as a way of getting to know me a little bit more 🙂

So I woke up in the morning and after doing the usual strolling through my phone checking all social media, I reluctantly got up and went downstairs to check on the pooch. I made my breakfast which was a very plain dippy eggs, but without the soilders as I am starting Slimming World today! (Which I may touch on in another post I’m not sure yet) 

After having my breakfast I went upstairs to start getting ready, I had a quick shower, did my hair and make-up and got dressed.

I then went and picked my mummy up and we went to do a bit of home shopping! We went to a shopping park and hit one of my favourite homeware shops.. Homesense! I absolutely love this shop the stuff they do is absolutely amazing you can find so many unique items which you know not everyone will have and I could have spent an absolute fortune in there but I managed to control myself and only pick up a few things! I mean just LOOK at their Halloween section!

They also had this amazing Game of Thrones book which I loved but as we have only recently moved in we don’t have a book shelf yet and Rosie just loves to eat paper so I gave it a miss unfortunately.

After Homesense me and my mum was meant to go to a beautiful local garden centre to look at their Halloween/Christmas section and get some lunch but unfortunately my car started playing up and shaking went I stopped so I didn’t want to risk driving and thought I best just get home! When I got home I made some lunch and had a toasted whole meal pitta bread then I took the dog for a nice long walk!

I then got home and did some ever so boring and dreaded housework which was not worth taking photos of as who really wants to see that?! I then found the opportunity whilst the other half was at work to put Rosie in the bandana that I bought her a while ago and she looked sooo cute, he said she would look ridiculous but seriously look at the face! I then finally got to relax for half an hour and read a bit more of my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book which to be honest I was so excited to read before it was out but I’m just not gripped on it and I can go a week or 2 between reads, I’m hoping it gets better as I really didn’t want to be dissapointed as I’m the biggest Harry Potter geek ever! I then got dinner cooking ready for when the other half is home which I made a nice chilli con carne to put on top of a jacket potato.

After dinner I had a shower and cleared up whilst the other half took Rosie for another walk. We then just had a lovely chilled evening together and watched the end of Stranger Things! This programme had so so much hype so I was excited to watch it but it wasn’t as amazing as made out, don’t get me wrong it was good but not up there with the best tv series I’ve seen. We then chilled and watched Netflix before going up to bed!

So there you go a nice relaxed homey day which to be honest is always my favourite kind of days I just love being at home especially when the weather gets cold and we can snuggle up and watch Netflix! 🙂
Thanks for reading!

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