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Ultimate Christmas Jumper Wish List

Hey guys! Today I’ve put together a list of Christmas jumpers that I absolutely adore! I for one bloody love a Christmas jumper, there is something so satisfying about getting into a bright and tacky jumper around Christmas time it makes me feel so happy and really gets me in the Christmas spirit. Here is a list of Christmas jumpers that I would absolutely adore.

1. Harry Potter Jumper – Amazon Here

As I have previously mentioned I am the biggest Harry Potter fan so this jumper is perfect for me! Imagine wearing this cuddling up on the sofa watching Harry Potter with a hot chocolate! Perfection!
2. ‘Winter is Coming’ – Amazon Here

Along with the TV themed jumpers I’ve also spotted this Game Of Thrones Winter  is Coming jumper. I mean technically Christmas is officially winter but I still love this jumper and wouldn’t mind snuggling up in this on a cold winters day.
3.  Bambi Sweatshirt – John Lewis Here

This one is quite expensive as expected as it’s from John Lewis but look how bloody cute! Who wouldn’t want a jumper with deer on it?!
4. Prosecc- ho ho ho – New Look Here

Who doesn’t love a nice cold glass of prosecco over Christmas? And what better way than to get on the bubbly than in a prosecco inspired jumper?!
5. Fair Isle Gingerbread Jumper – Morrisons Here

I spotted this jumper doing the weekly food shop at Morrisons and instantly fell in love with it, it’s so tacky I love it. I always find supermarkets are the best places to find novelty clothes/pyjamas this time of year.
6. Kissing Penguins – Next Here

Penguins are one of my favourite animals and it makes me so happy that they are everywhere this time of year! I spotted this kissing penguin jumper and thought it was adorable!
7. Reindeer and Snowflake Jumper – eBay Here

And finally in my selection is this reindeer and snowflake patterned jumper, this comes in 2 different colours red or white and I think I prefer the white one. This one is definetly very Christmassy!
So there we have it my top Christmas jumpers, I would love them all but unfortunately there is not enough days over Christmas for me to wear them! I think I’m going to go with the Harry Potter one just because Christmas and HP are my two loves in life!

Does anyone else love a Christmas jumper? What are your top picks?


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