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Happiness Highlights November 2016

Hello lovelies!

So I seen this post on another blog (here) and thought it was a really good idea so I decided to do it myself in November! Every day I’ve made a note of one thing that has made me happy/made me smile and it just goes to show that even the smallest things can make you happy!

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Tuesday 1st – I had the day off work and took a little trip to the shops and treated myself to some new Autumn/Winter clothes!

Wednesday 2nd – Another day off work, I had some me-time and read my book, sometimes its nice to relax!

Thursday 3rd – Back at work today but it is already nearly the weekend!

Friday 4th – We got  subway at work then the OH treated me to a dominoes at night, very naughty food day!

Saturday 5th – Had my new GHD’s delivered and shopping with the boy!


Sunday 6th – Took the dog for a nice walk around a local country park and had Sunday dinner cooked for us round mum and dads.


Monday 7th – Early anniversary dinner at Chimichanga’s and I got a giant penguin teddy!

Tuesday 8th – Our 4 year anniversary! We had a lovely chilled evening spent together which is always my favourite! Plus I got flowers 🙂


Wednesday 9th – A took the dog for a long walk so I could relax and have some time to myself, I spent it watching Netflix of course!

Thursday 10th – I cooked me and A a lovely dinner and had a hot bath

Friday 11th – Indian takeaway with A, its the weekend!

Saturday 12th – Spot of house shopping, picked up a new shelf set and put it together! Our house is slowly starting to feel like a home 🙂

Sunday 13th – Went Bicester shopping which actually turned out to be a big let down, so we got a Nando’s instead! Just nice to spend some quality time together.

Monday 14th – We sorted our secret Santa at work, I’m really happy with the person that I’ve got and its made me feel all Christmassy!

Tuesday 15th – I cooked the yummiest chicken casserole today and felt like I had my s**t together.

Wednesday 16th – Bae bought me my favourite Snow Bites chocolate, I love when Christmas comes round and these are in the shops again, I need to stock up!

Thursday 17th – A colleague at work got some flowers delivered with the funniest message on! It did brighten up our day

2016-11-17 09.42.53 (2).jpg

Friday 18th – Weekend is here! We tried a new Chinese and it was yummy

Saturday 19th – Went round the parents for a horror movie night, we watched the Conjuring 2, it was so nice to spend some time with them, something that is quite rare these days


Sunday 20th – Went round the brother and sister-in-laws for Sunday lunch, my brother is the best cook and was nice to see and play with my niece and nephew!

Monday 21st – My colleague at work has got us all advent calenders! I got a Disney princess one

Tuesday 22nd – I had a good make-up day today, it doesn’t happen very often haha!

Wednesday 23rd – Other half put Harry Potter on after work, he knows how to cheer me up 🙂

Thursday 24th – Today was my only really bad day this month, got some bad news from a friend but its made me appreciate every one around me even more.

Friday 25th – Day off work with A and we had a little trip to London! We went Winter Wonderland and had a little look around Covent Garden and Oxford Street!

Saturday 26th – Went Christmas shopping and had lunch with my mummy!

Sunday 27th – Took the doggy down to see A’s family, and took her for the longest walk then in the evening we went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them!

Monday 28th – Rosie was extra cuddly today and just wouldn’t leave me alone, I love it when she’s like this 🙂

Tuesday 29th – Had a nice little pamper evening and watched Harry Potter (again!)

Wednesday 30th – Won £10 on a scratchcard!


I really enjoyed doing this post, looking back over the month it just reminds you of the little things that made you happy even though you may have forgotten most of the things that didn’t make you quite so happy! Although I realise a lot of my happiness comes from food which I need to fix haha!

What has made you happy this month?





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