What I got for Christmas 2016

Hello lovelies!

Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow we will be in year 2017?! Crazy how quick this year has gone!

I’m quite late with this post as I have been feeling poorly the last few days so literally all my Christmas presents are still in a big Christmas sack and I haven’t really sorted them out apart from pulling out some new socks and pyjamas!

I was quite worried about posting this incase I came across like I was bragging but I absolutely love my presents and I am so grateful for every little thing I received and I am so nosy and love reading other people’s posts so I thought I would give it a go! So here is what I got for Christmas…


So me and my fiancé set ourselves a £100 limit and how much we were allowed to spend on each other as we usually go a little bit overboard! We both managed to go over by about £30 but that’s okay! He bought me a gorgeous Kate Spade purse here, which he purchased when we went to London so it was in the Black Friday sale meaning he got it cheaper! I also didn’t realise that the purse is called Stacy (although it’s spelt wrong but that’s okay!) He also got me a Game of Thrones Monopoly board and an amazing Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them book here which contains all details of how the film was made and has lots of details on the actors and pull out props etc. It’s amazing!


My parents absolutely spoilt me this year, I got an Oral B electric toothbrush, which I have wanted one for so long since mine died about a year ago. They also got me some penguin pyjama’s, socks, a Benefit Besties make-up set, various little smelly sets, chocolate, a Border Collie calendar and diary

Finally they bought me a very thoughtful present, they bought me this wedding planning pot but they also very generously put in £100 to start our savings off which was so kind of them and it made me cry!


From my brothers I received a Soap & Glory gift set which I love as Soap &a Glory is one of my favourite body skin care brand! I also received a Debenhams voucher, a reed diffuser and some Nail Polish from New Look which I’m excited to try!

Secret Santa

From my work secret santa I received a Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Christmas jumper and a Game of Thrones – You Know Nothing Jon Snow mug which I absolutely love! My work colleague knows me so well!


I also received a Light Box here from my fiancé parents which I love as I always wanted one! And we also received a huge amount of chocolate! Which is for the both of us to share but we definetly have enough until next Christmas (or at least until Easter hehe)!

Thank you for reading and hope you had an absolutely amazing Christmas and happy new year!




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