My Beauty Wishlist

Hello Lovelies!

Since starting this blog it’s made me get a real interest in makeup and beauty products again since I’ve done a lot of reading of other girls blogs and also watching a lot of makeup videos on Instagram and YouTube, and its made me realise I spend a fair amount on makeup but I don’t really have much high end or staple pieces of makeup that I really love! So even though one of my new year goals was to stop splurging and try to save some money I’ve created a list of some things I would really love (although most I will probably not purchase sadly!)

Too Faced


So first of all is a brand that I’ve never purchased anything from however everyone raves about them and they look like they do some really quality products. One item I really want which has been highly raved about is the ‘Born This Way’ foundation (here), which I’ve heard makes your skin look amazing and it also contains coconut water so it helps to hydrate your skin which would be perfect for me as I suffer from horrible dry skin. I would also love to try the ‘Hangover Face primer’ (here) now I don’t often drink so rarely have a hangover but again this primer contains coconut water so is great for hydration and its meant to make your skin look radiant and flawless, and make you look like you’ve had tons of sleep and drank tons of water!


Kat Von D


Again another brand I have never tried but heard great things about is the Kat Von D make-up range, I’m so pleased this brand is now accessible in the UK which means I will be able to try some things from here! First of all I would love to try the ‘Everlasting Lipstick’ in the shade ‘Bow n Arrow’ (here), this is a matte lipstick which is supposed to last 24 hours, this also looks like a lovely nude brown shade and I don’t have any colours like this. I would also love the ‘Shade and Light’ contour palette (here), this palette is based on the undertones in your skin so it will perfectly match your correct skin tone!


Urban Decay


Urban Decay is one of my all time favourite makeup brands and I have yet to buy something from here that I have been disappointed with, next on my list is the ‘Naked Skin’ concealer (here), I have the Naked Skin foundation which I really like but I have heard the concealer is meant to be better! It is meant to be good at concealing and brightening under the eyes which I really do need!



I have been after some new makeup brushes for a while now as dare I say I am growing a little old of my Real Techniques brushes and feel I need to branch out a little, I have been eyeing up these brushes from Spectrum which are absolutely beautiful and I think these will have to go on my birthday list! The set I want is either the ‘Bomb Shell’ set (here) which are pink and rose gold and come in the gorgeous shell bag, honestly just how beautiful are these? Or I also like the ‘Siren Sculpt’ set (here) which are a gorgeous black and blue iridescent colour! This is a smaller set and slightly more affordable but still as pretty looking!




My only skin care item on my wish list at the moment is this Origins ‘Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask’ (here)  which I have wanted for years but just cannot justify spending the money, however I have heard this is amazing for dry skin and will make your skin smooth and hydrated overnight so I’m sure I will have to put this on my birthday wishlist too!


So there we have it my current beauty wish list! Like I said I will probably only buy a couple of these items soon as I have to be sensible with my money but a girl can dream ay?!

What are you currently lusting after? Let me know!



Stacey ♥











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