How well does my fiancé understand makeup?!

Hello lovelies!

So I thought I would do what I believe is my first ever tag post which I’ve seen on a few blogs recently, which is the ‘How well does my boyfriend/fiancé understand makeup?!’ Ive waited ages for the perfect moment to ask my OH these questions which I found was when he was playing PlayStation, because it means he was listening enough to answer my questions but not paying enough attention to question me about why I wanted to know haha! So here are the questions and his answers…
1. How much do you think you know about makeup? 

Erm I know enough..
2. Have you ever brought me makeup item that you had no idea what it was for? 

Yeah that naked stuff

(He has bought me the Naked eyeshadow palletes and the foundation and I’m sure he understood what they were haha)

3. Name something you have brought me 

Foundation, I don’t know what it was, it wasn’t MAC

(Mac is the only brand of makeup that he remembers even though I rarely buy from Mac anymore!) 
4. Describe the item…
Concealer – 

Hides your bags under your eyes and your spots

(Cheers babe haha!!)
Mascara – 

Extends your eye lashes
Foundation – 

Makes you not look so ghastly, makes you look more tanned

(Nice to know he thinks I look ‘ghastly’ lol!)

Strobing – 

Fuck knows, sounds like a rave

(It’s okay I don’t think I even understand strobing..)

Lipstick – 

Makes your lips look plump


Lipgloss – 

Same thing really just makes them look more shiny but it’s a load of crap you don’t need, I hate this stuff

(Aaron is very against lipgloss he hates anything sticky)

Eyeshadow – 

Makes your eyes wider?! 


Bronzer – 

Gives you more colour on your cheeks and face
Highlighter – 

Same thing for your eyes, makes your eyes lighter and around your eyes lighter too

(He definetly has not got a clue what highlighter is haha)
Contour – 

Oooo that’s the stuff that makes you look like you’ve got cheek bones!

(Surprised he knew this!)

Brow Gel – 

Obviously for eyebrows probably makes them darker and probably neatens them up a bit
Primer – 

A primer?! So you probably use that first on your first, like when you paint a car
BB Cream-  

Bb cream?! Probably to take your make up off 

(Not quite 🙈)

Micellar Water – 

Its that stuff you out on before bed to revitalise your face

(Not sure about it revitalising my face, but he is right I do use it before bed, to make sure all my makeup is off!)

Fucking hell That’s easy do you think I’m stupid? It’s when you do that fleek you spend hours on that

(Like how he starts getting annoyed here haha! Also ‘fleek?!’
Blusher – 

You put it on your face to make you a red rose

Was this hard? 

Not really 
Do you think you could do my makeup the same way I do it? 

I’d give it a go but I’d probably make you look like a prostitute 

So there it goes! Some of his answer really made me laugh however I’m quite impressed at how much he takes in and has remembered, I guess since he has all this knowledge there is nothing holding him back in buying me some nice makeup! 

Thanks for reading! Why not do this tag on your other half and see how well they answer? You might be surprised!

Also I have started up a new instagram to link to my blog so please check it out here!




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