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Versatile Blogger Award


So how amazing is this? I have seen and read lots of these award posts but never imagined my blog would get a mention which is amazing! Recently I’ve had two nominations so I’m going to do a separate post on each one! For the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ I was nominated by Makayla at Beautiful Gracious and Good please go and check her out!

For this award, I was asked to post 7 facts about me. (Although I really would like to point out that I’m not very interesting so this was super hard for me!) So here it goes:

  1. I am currently engaged and we have very recently booked our wedding to get married in Orlando Florida, in an estate house overlooking a beautiful lake and I am SO bloody excited!
  2. I am super bad at saving money and have usually spent all my wages within a week of getting paid!
  3. I love food a little too much and could happily eat chips every day
  4.  My fiancé and I have recently got out of a long distance relationship and spent the first 4 years of our relationship apart due to him being in the army!
  5. My favourite colour is grey as boring as that is!
  6. Painting my nails is literally one of my least favourite things to do
  7. I have a fear of things with weird dry textures for example crispy towels and cotton wool.

Wow that was really hard to thing of 7 things about me! So here are my next 10 nominations. I did try to choose people who I couldn’t see any post like this for, but if you have already been nominated I am very sorry!


  1. Beauty by a Libra
  2. heyehren
  3. Be Lovelyx
  4. Beauty by Laur
  5. What Daniela Likes
  6. Charlottes Makeup Blog
  7. Jess09xo
  8. Amethyst Rose Beauty
  9. An Anxious Mum
  10. Jamie’s Corner


Please check these girls out!

Thank you again for my nomination!






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