An Honest Update and Makeup Revolution Palette Reviews

Hello everyone! Soo I haven’t posted a blog post in a month now and I just thought I’d give a little update as to why! I feel like recently everything in my life has got on top of me, nothing has really happened however I’ve just gone through a stage of not feeling like myself. I’ve felt really down and anxious and I haven’t really felt like talking to anyone, I haven’t even felt like reading any blogs let alone writing some posts which isn’t like me at all! I think just working full time, then coming home and having a messy fiancé and an even messier puppy who likes to chew through the walls, then cooking and cleaning means I just have zero time to myself! We’ve also been worrying about money recently with the wedding planning which means I haven’t felt like reading blogs about makeup that I know I can’t afford right now… I don’t know I’ve just felt completely down hopefully I’m not the only person who goes through stages of feeling like this?!

Anyway enough with the depressing talk, recently I purchased some Makeup Revolution palettes so I thought I would do a blog post on what I thought about them! I purchased the Ultra Contour palette and the Colour Correction Palette.

So I picked up the powder Ultra Contour palette because I’ve been after a Contour palette for ages, contouring is not something I’ve really delved much into which I know is a shock because I feel like the whole world is contouring! After playing around with this I really do like it!  It comes with 4 highlighting shades and 4 contouring shades. The Contour shades are really good however most are too dark for me so I only really need the lightest one at the moment but hopefully in the summer I will need the more darker shades, however the highlighting shades are not brilliant, they are not very pigmented at all, as you can see by the swatches on my arm they are barely noticeable apart from the top right shade which is the best one.

I also purchased the Ultra Base Corrector which is a palette which contains 8 shades used for colour correction.

I really am impressed with this palette more than the contouring one. The shades are cream so they go on a lot more smoothly on my skin and they blend nicely. They are well pigmented I have only really used about 4 shades so far as that’s all I have needed recently and they have worked really well! I’ve used the salmon colour and they skin colour under my eyes and they have hidden my dark eye circles really nicely, I have also used the green shade to counteract the redness  on my cheeks and spots. This palette also contains a gorgeous highlight colour which is perfect for the inner eye!

When I purchased these I also received a free palette called Love The Revolution because I spent over £12! I’m not sure this offer is still on but if it is it’s definetly worth spending a bit extra to get the free palette because this is my favourite so far!
It contains 6 eye shadows and a large highlight in the middle. All these shades are super pigmented and blend really nicely, and the shades really are beautiful, it has a gorgeous red and gold colour and the black shade has flecks of red/purple in it which is gorgeous and I think the highlighter is one of my favourite ones I own now! If the offer has finished to get this free then I really do recommend purchasing this as it’s my favourite out of all three!

So that’s it from me for now! Hopefully you have liked this post, if you have anything from Makeup Revolution that you love then please let me know! I’m sorry about the depressing rambling at the beginnning and the lack of posts but hopefully things will be on the up and I will be feeling more positive from now on!

Thanks for reading!




One thought on “An Honest Update and Makeup Revolution Palette Reviews

  1. You definitely aren’t the only person who goes through bad times. We all get them. I just think we don’t all talk about them. Brilliant post though. Sometimes I find palettes from Makeup Revolution are a bit hit or miss. But all of these palettes look amazing xx


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