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My Slimming World Journey March 2017

Hello lovelies!

So today I thought I would try a completely different post and write about my new Slimming World weight loss journey.

So as you may or may not know, me and my fiancé have now booked our wedding for May 2018 in Florida! Obviously every girl wants to be as slim as possible for her wedding day but also we will be joined by a few members of my family and a few members of his on the holiday as well so I don’t want to be feeling all self-conscious about my weight!

I have decided to join Slimming World, I have actually done Slimming World before and I lost 2.5 stone but I stupidly went back to eating how I did before and I gained it back (plus a little extra!) But I know this time I have something that I definitely have to lose the weight for so I’m so motivated to get the weight off and keep it off!

If you don’t know how Slimming World works, I may do another post explaining it however you could always access their website to learn more or go down to your nearest group. I wouldn’t class Slimming World as a diet, it is more of a lifestyle change and a way of eating which doesn’t make you feel deprived!

My aim is to lose just over 3 stone and see how I feel from there but mainly I just want to feel body confident and body conscious! I’m hoping to lose the weight by end of summer this year so I can purchase my wedding dress then I have until May to maintain the weight! So here is how I’ve got on with the first 4 weeks on my weight loss journey!

Week 1:

So I went and joined up to group with my mum, our weigh day is a Saturday morning which I think is great because when I usually feel like a treat or something slightly naughty it is usually on a Saturday so that gives me pretty much a week to make up for it. We joined on an awkward day for me as I had my sister-in-laws wedding reception that night which I knew would consist of wine and a buffet but I didn’t want to put it off another week so I just bit the bullet and joined, enjoyed my night and started fresh on the Sunday.

I spent my Sunday doing some meal prepping for the week so I was well prepared. I found my first week quite enjoyable and easy but that’s because I was so motivated for my first weigh in!

Week 1 result: -3.5 lost

Week 2: 

Really enjoyed this week! I’ve cooked some lovely dinners which just didn’t feel like I was dieting at all! Some of my favourites included Cajun chicken pasta bake and fajita stuffed sweet potato skins, so delicious! Even started feeling good towards the end of the week!

Week 2 result: -2.5 pounds

Total loss: -6 pounds

Week 3:

Didn’t start the week the best because we went to Crufts on the Sunday and ended up having a day off plan but had a week off work so I thought this would be a really good week due to having more time to cook, turns out when I’m home I get quite unmotivated and out of routine and by the end of the week the dreaded thing which is known as ‘star week’ happened which meant by Saturday I was feeling bloated and gross as hell! Not too happy with my results but hopefully it’s due to the bloating!

Week 3 result: +0.5 pounds on!

Total loss: -5 pounds

Week 4:

Started off the week feeling so motivated to get that half a pound back off and try to shift some weight before my birthday next week! I told myself I was going to minimise my carb intake and up my water intake. However I weighed myself at home mid-week and was so disappointed to see that I’ve completely stayed the same and no weight has shifted so starting to feel majorly unmotivated and confused! After a horrendous week at work toward the end of the week I started to slip! Thursday night I ended up making tacos because I just could not be arsed to cook then Friday night me and the work girls went out for tapas and a few cocktails so I didn’t have high hopes for the next morning at all but I was happy with the result, it definitely could have been worse!

Week 4 result: -0.5 pounds

Total March results: -6 pound loss

So there is the first month of my weight loss journey! I am slightly pleased with the results, it could have been better however towards the end of the month I did start to slip due to work being horrendous and my birthday approaching!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this I think I am going to do this on a monthly basis I feel like this will really keep me motivated!
Thanks for reading!




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