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My 2017 goals – How I’m doing so far

Hello lovelies!

Can you believe its April already?! Like where is this year going seriously? So most of us all set new years resolutions back in January on what we would like to achieve this year and I thought it would be a fun idea to look back on my new years goals and see how I am getting on with them and whether I have actually stuck to them at all! If you didn’t see how my news post this is it here!


1. Weight Loss:
I wanted to lose between 1.5 stone to 3 stone this year.

How am I getting on?
I am doing ok so far with this goal, I wrote that I wasn’t going to follow a diet plan and instead just eat healthily, drink more water and exercise more. Instead I decided in the end to join Slimming World as without following a certain plan I was getting no-where, I don’t exercise as much as I would like but I do take the dog out for walks quite regularly. I joined Slimming World at the beginning of March and so far I have lost 6 pounds but plan on losing a lot more so I feel like my weight loss goal is definitely possible!



2. Wedding Planning:
My goal was to save money every month for our wedding, to have the venue and flights booked by summer and dress purchased by the end of summer.

How am I getting on?
We are continuing to save money regularly every month and our venue and flights are actually already booked! I don’t want to purchase my dress just yet as obviously I am planning on losing weight but I feel like this is my most successful goal so far!


3. Money:
I want to be more sensible, save more money for wedding and pay off my credit card.

How am I getting on?
Not doing too well with this due to me and my partner having unexpected bills and expensive MOT’s and stuff to pay for, wedding saving is happening but paying off my credit card is failing as I have had to use it! However we have both received a slight pay rise at work so I’m hoping things will get better!


4. Blogging:
Continue blogging and reach 100 followers by the end of the year!

How am I getting on?
Not sure on this one, I did take a bit of a break for a while because I was feeling down and felt like I had hit a bit of a brick wall. I’ve decided that I enjoy writing more real/lifestyle posts compared to beauty/makeup posts, which is strange as I love reading all things makeup and beauty but I feel like I am just not very good at writing them myself! I think my followers are in the 50’s but this isn’t really my focus I just want to carry on enjoying writing!


5. Reading:
Spend less time on social media and more time reading, aim to read at least 10 books this year.

How am I getting on?
I still waste a hell of a lot of time on social media, especially after starting Slimming  World as I have created a SW Instagram account which I spend a lot of time on, however I have read 3 books this year and I plan on getting a little book haul so I can read some more!


6. Random little goals:
I also set myself some random little goals to try and get me to enjoy my life more. I wrote that I want to get out to some new different places. Spend more time with my dog and with my parents. Meet new people, be less of an introvert.

How am I getting on?
Bit iffy with this one, I am definitely still an introvert and I think I always will be! I don’t think I have actually met any new people this year which is crazy! We have been on a few little days out to places I’ve never been for example last weekend we went to Brighton which was amazing, and we’ve also had a day out at Crufts, we have a few little days out planned and booked tickets for Friends Fest, however as money has been tight and we’ve got a wedding to pay for doing exciting things is challenging! I do get out with the dog more especially now the evenings are lighter as I can take her out after work and not worry about walking on my own in the dark. I also spend more time with my mum as we go to slimming world group together every week so we have got a lot closer which is lovely!

Heres to a happy rest of the year!

How are you all getting on with your goals? Have you already achieved them or kind of forgot they existed? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading!






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